A Play-based Environment Where Your Child Will Thrive

Preschool is the start of an important new chapter in your child's life. It's their introduction to an educational environment. It's their first chance to experience independence. It's their first opportunity to form friendships and build social skills. Dentonia's program is play-based and designed to give your children the environment they need to thrive and build their self-esteem.

Founded in 1974, Dentonia Park Co-operative Nursery School first developed as a result of like-minded families in the community coming together. Our parent and teacher run school operates on a not-for-profit basis and became licensed as a charitable organization in 1983. Our amazing teachers have been the key to Dentonia's success. They have nurtured our children by positively guiding them through their first educational experience.

Child doing puzzle at Dentonia Park Co-operative Nursery School, 140 Dawes Road, Toronto, Ontario M4C 5C2

What is a

In joining a co-operative preschool, you make a special commitment to your child by becoming an active participant in his or her early education. We hope that after this positive beginning, parents will be inspired to remain continually involved in their child's future education. Read more here...

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